Tuition Fees

Bonnie Joseph Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering provides its student with all the required courses for the State License. See our tuition fees, estimate the cost of your education and find out if you qualify for financial aid. However, if a student drops the program for any reason the kit remains as the school’s property. Students’ hours will not be released to take the state board exam for licensing until all tuition is paid in full or a revised contract is signed with a new financial agreement.

Cosmetology/Barbering Course: Tuition $15,000.00

 Kit & Supplies $1,500.00

 Fees* $200.00

 Total $16,700.00

Barber Course: Tuition $8,000.00

 Kit & Supplies $800.00 

 Fees* $200.00

 Total $9,000.00

Nails Course: Tuition $2,000.00 

 Kit & Supplies $625.00 

 Fees* $200.00

 Total $2825.00

Basic Esthetics: Tuition $6,000.00

 Kit & Supplies $600.00

 Fees* $200.00

 Total $6,800.00 

Master Esthetics (including basic): Tuition $12,000.00

 Kit & Supplies $1000.00

 Fees* $200.00

 Total $13,200.00

*Fees include: application $100.00, tech $50.00, locker/cart rental $50.00

*Fees include: application $100.00, tech $50.00, locker/cart rental $50.00

Terms of Payments: 

  1. Student kits are to be paid in full before the first day of school.   A down payment of 50% of the kit will be required with the
  2. Enrollment contract and the other 50% must be paid before a student can start any classes.  The school offers monthly
  3. payment plans, outside financing or scholarships for tuition.  See Director for details.

Extra Institutional charges: If a student does not pay these fees, the graduation verification will be held.  After 45days past due the Institution may send them on the further collection procedures.

  1. Extra tuition is assessed for part-time students.  (See tuition schedule in catalog page 9)
  2. Late payment fee 10.00 per month.
  3. Interest on in house student financing 10-20%
  4. Processing fee for in house lending 10.00 a month
  5. Draw down fees:  Federal Pell Grants - $25.00 per draw down; Federal Loans - $50.00 per draw down; and $10.00 for each student draw from Administration between Federal fund releases.
  6. Re-enrollment Fee:  $150.00 due before restart date.
  7. If a student does not graduate in the time allotted, additional tuition will be charged at a minimum of $10.00 per hour until graduation requirements are met.
  8. Students are allowed to receive tips, however if a student falls behind on tuition payments or has outstanding fees, the school may garnish the tips received and apply them to the students outstanding balance.
  9. If student is unprepared without tools for use, kits are available for use with a rental/purchase fee (see separate schedule)
  10. Termination fee of 150.00 will be charge if the student withdrawals from a program or the institution withdrawals them.
  11. Shows and outside education field trips are optional and may be used to make up hours but are to be paid by the student per event
  12. Locker and Cart Rental: $50.00  If Trolley is damaged or returned dirty, there is a maximum charge of  up to $300.00
  13. Electronic Testing and Record Keeping Fee:  $ 50.00 per calendar year